News: Parent Creates Curriculum to Help Children with Autism Through School

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 - 13:08

When Mitchell Scroggs was diagnosed with autism in the early 90s, his mother Anne had a hard time finding information on education for him. So she and her husband decided to create a curriculum for him. Creative Teaching CAP came out of finding ways for Mitchell to communicate. Chantelle Lusebrink of The Issaquah Press spoke with Anne about how she got started. Anne began by putting together pictures of nouns and verbs for Mitchell to learn; this simple picture exchange communication system helped his vocabulary grow from about 30 words to over 1,200. His school teachers asked Anne to help them create the same kind of materials for other students, and the curriculum was born. While Creative Teaching CAP began with speech and language therapy, Anne and Mitchell hope to add math, science, and life skills.

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