Research: Applied Behaviour Analysis: Does Intervention Intensity Relate to Family Stressors and Maternal Well-being?


Authored by Schwichtenberg, A., and Poehlmann J. in J. Intell. Disabil. Res., Volume 51, Issue 8, p. 598-605, (2007).

Article summary (posted Feb 12, 2008):

Mothers whose children with autism were getting applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy reported personal strain and depression symptoms.

This study was designed to look at how ABA therapy for children with autism affected their mother's mental health. ABA therapy can require parent involvement. Depression symptoms were greater for mothers of children with autism than for mothers of children with other developmental disabilities. Mothers whose children were getting ABA therapy reported fewer depression symptoms when their child was older, and when their child was getting more ABA therapy hours per week. However, mothers reported more personal strain when the mothers themselves were involved in the ABA therapy. The authors suggested that mothers seek support when their child is getting ABA therapy.


You can access the original abstract and the complete paper is sometimes available for free via Google Scholar (look for entries that say "PDF" or "HTML" on the right side of the page).

applied behavior analysis (ABA), autism, depression, intervention, parent, therapy