Research: Behavior Analyst Use of and Beliefs in Treatments for People with Autism


Authored by Schreck, KA, and Mazur A. in Behavioral Interventions, Volume 23, Issue , p. 201-212, (2008).

Article summary (posted Nov 7, 2008):

Some applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapists may also use autism therapies that are not evidence-based.

This study was designed to see what treatments for autism are endorsed and used by ABA therapists. While most ABA therapists did provide ABA therapy, not all ABA therapists use only evidence-based autism therapies. ABA therapists reported using facilitated communication, sensory integration, auditory integration, and other interventions that are not evidence-based. The choice of therapies was not influenced by the number of years that the ABA therapist had been working with children with autism. The authors suggest that the current approach to teaching Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) about evidenced-based therapies may not be not good enough.


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