Research: Constant and Progressive Time Delay Procedures for Teaching Children with Autism: A Literature Review


Authored by Walker, G. in J Autism Dev Disord, Volume 38, Issue 2, p. 261-275, (2008).

Article summary (posted Jun 20, 2008):

Children with autism can be taught to respond to questions by using prompting.

Many teachers find that prompting students to give an answer can be a good approach to teaching. This review article looked to see what type of prompting works best for children with autism. The authors suggest that teachers choose a prompt that will cause the student to give the right response (controlling prompt). The prompt can be made every three seconds (constant time delay) or after increasingly longer periods of time (progressive time delay). Both constant time delay prompts and progressive time delay prompts work well for children with autism.


You can access the original abstract and the complete paper is sometimes available for free via Google Scholar (look for entries that say "PDF" or "HTML" on the right side of the page).

autism, prompt, Prompts for Restructuring Oral Phonetic Targets (PROMPT)